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Shelby County Metro
FOP Lodge # 35
P.O. Box 58
Ellendale, TN 38029
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Shelby County Metro FOP Lodge 35
Dues Increase Proposal

This is a proposal from Lodge Secretary Bob Owens:

The increase of State per-capita of $20 at the State Conference in 2014 has prompted this request of a $25 increase in Lodge dues, which have not been increased in a number of years and will remain among the lowest in the state. The following is a breakdown of how the present dues of $50.00 is distributed per member.

State Per-capita - $30.00
National Per-capita - $10.50
Postage - $ .98
Printing - $ .47
Decals - $ .67
Envelops - $ .17
Total - $42.79

The above total is the yearly cost foreach members $50.00 dues leaving a total of $7.21 to conduct lodge business. We have operated at a loss for the past 2 years. The small increase of $25 in dues will offset the increase in State per-capita and produce a small increase in operating funds. This increasewill not offset all operating cost but will ease the burden. This proposal will be read at the May, June and July meetings, with a vote at the July Meeting. Please attend all meetings for discussion of this topic and for your vote in July.

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